Testimonials & Webinars about Child Sexual Abuse (CSA)

We invite you to view the material in the links below. Please be aware that the views and opinions expressed in these videos are not necessarily those of the TEDI BEAR Children’s Advocacy Center, East Carolina University, or anyone other than the individuals shown.

TEDI BEAR offers free Stewards of Children CSA training to adults in organizations that serve children, including schools, clubs, child care centers, and agencies that offer social services and mental health services. Please call us at 252-744-8334 to learn more.


Below is a one-minute public service announcement from the National Children’s Alliance.

The testimonial below is an interview with Marylin Van Derbur. Ms. Van Derbur was Miss America 1958, who experienced abuse for 13 years at the hands of her father. She has become one of America’s foremost advocates for the prevention and treatment of CSA. Ms. Van Derbur tells part of her story in this interview, which took place on April 17, 2009.

Marylin Van Derbur tells more of her story in the interview below, which took place during 2014.

The four resources in the sequence below were produced by the Darkness to Light Foundation.

From Research to Practice: Preventing Childhood Sexual Abuse: The five segments below are excerpted from a 2012 symposium sponsored by the Committee for Children, and conducted at the University of Washington. Total time = 1 hour, 51 minutes.





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