What To Expect From Your Visit

Our Mission

TEDI BEAR Children’s Advocacy Center provides child abuse education, evaluation, prevention and treatment to eastern North Carolina’s children, their families and their communities.

Our Purpose

TEDI BEAR Children’s Advocacy Center serves children ages birth through 18 who are alleged victims of abuse and/or neglect and their non-offending caregivers.

Alleged offenders are NOT permitted on the premises as all services are provided with the child remaining the focus during the visit. Services are provided by a team of professionals to limit repeat services.

Our services are provided at a neutral location where child abuse professionals from involved agencies collaborate to ensure the best outcomes for children and families. This coordinated and comprehensive evaluation helps alleviate stress on the child and family.

Medical Exams

The medical evaluation is a non-invasive child check-up that is provided to determine if any physical signs of trauma exist. The exam may also require the completion of laboratory work to ensure the child is healthy. At TEDI BEAR, exams are primarily external. Examinations are completed by a pediatrician, or other licensed medical provider. The medical provider will also obtain information from the caregivers about the child’s medical history.

A child life specialist provides children support and education during their visit and accompanies them into the exam. This is to ensure the child understands the process and to help lessen their anxiety.

Because TEDI BEAR is a child centered facility, older children are empowered to make the decision to have a caregiver in the medical exam.

Forensic Interviews

A social worker will provide a one-on-one interview with the child to obtain accurate information. The interviewer is trained to understand their cognitive development and emotional needs. The interview takes place in a child-friendly room and is monitored in by professionals including Law Enforcement and DSS. Caregivers are not permitted to observe the interview to maintain the integrity of the investigation.

The interviewer spends time building rapport with the child discussing neutral topics such as friends and family members, school, and interests. The interview transitions to discuss the concerns of abuse. The child-friendly interview will be conducted in a non-suggestive and non-leading manner.

After Your Visit

2303 Executive Circle
Greenville, NC 27834
252-744-8334 (phone)
252-744-8335 (fax)

For questions or concerns about your child or their visit to the center, contact:

Child Life Specialist/Advocate
Katie Wood, BS

Family Advocate
Latoya Mobley, BS

For questions regarding referral information, other resources, or educational materials, contact:

Family Advocate
LaToya Mobley, BS

Clinic Manager
Keith, Nancy G., MS, MSW, LCW

For therapy/counseling, contact:

Wendy Shouse, LMFT

For court issues, contact:

Pitt County District Attorney’s Office
Victim Witness Assistant
252-695-7200 ext. 2

A Guide to Understanding Evaluations At TEDI BEAR Children’s Advocacy Center (PDF)